Mini market

Wake up in the morning to the delicious smell of freshly baked rolls that we prepare for you every morning in our own store. Can you smell it yet? That wonderful smell is always a lot stronger when you're on vacation, it just literally meets you! You can walk to the store at your leisure to get fresh sandwiches and croissants and you have already stretched your legs! Just add a newspaper and a fresh cup of coffee from our shop and your morning is perfect. You can also go to our store for daily groceries or just for something to snack on. We also have a wonderful wine range, with white, red and rosé wines from Lake Garda. The shop is located next to the restaurant of Sivinos Camping Boutique.

For now, dream away about a delicious breakfast, which you can eat on your own terrace of your holiday accommodation, while the sun rises over the beautiful Lake Garda.. now that's enjoyment!